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What are the types of vehicle lifts?

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Now you can use lifts anywhere you want. There are multiple lifts with various features to lift heavy loads, cars, or other vehicles. Lifts of different sizes are available; you can use them anywhere, whether in the factory, showrooms, or your house garage. The vehicle lift for garage is available in different sizes, which will aid you in the repair and maintenance of your car. You can lift your car to other floors or a higher level in space for car inspection. The following are the major types of vehicle lifts that can make you understand better before buying or renting a vehicle lift. Let’s look at those.

In-ground lift:

The lifts fitted in the ground or floor are strong and are primarily used to lift heavy vehicles. You can install an In-ground lift can in your garages to hold your cars through axles for repair and maintenance. This lift requires a strong and thick concrete base for proper installation.

These lifts work on the principle of hydraulics. These lifts consume less space and cause no harm to the environment.

Scissor lift:

Scissor lifts are one of the modern and most used lifts at construction sites and factories. These lifts can be extended to any length and raise workers to different heights to perform their tasks. Furthermore, you can use them to transfer heavy loads from one floor to another without inconvenience. This saves time and energy and also provides safety.

Portable lift:

The lifts with wheels and a carriage are very convenient, as you can use them indoors and outdoors. Portable lifts are eco-friendly and suitable for use. Electric scissor lifts also have wheels and can be used to transfer heavy objects on different or same height levels.

Post car lift:

Two or four post lifts are advanced and the best lifts for cars. Showrooms and garages use these lifts for manufacturing or repairing different vehicles. Post-car lifts are also in-ground and require a thick concrete base.

Four post lifts provide a better base for holding the vehicle for adjustments. In contrast, two post car lift has two arms and requires perfect vehicle equilibrium.

Parking lifts:

Advancements in technology have eased our lives by providing multiple ways to handle things. Parking lifts increase the space in a small area. Showrooms and parking areas use parking lifts to park many cars in a limited area.

Alignment lifts:

Cars need equilibrium in their wheels for proper race on the road. Alignment lifts are necessary for checking and adjusting the car wheels’ alignment. Its structure is like four post-car lifts and uses a hydraulic system as a power backup. It has a spacious platform and poles for moving the ramp. Repair shops and showrooms usually use these lifts for car adjustments.


Lifts are available in different sizes with different height ranges. These lifts are made up of sturdy material with exceptional binding features. Companies offer different types of lifts made of various components and accept customized orders. You can rent portable lifts for temporary use or purchase one for permanent use.

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