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Wet Sandblaster Pressure Washers

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Wet sandblasting equipment from PressureJet has been a big hit for the company. You can have a sand blast kit for the same too.

Sandblasting – Brief Introduction

The best solution for the users who are industrial and for them, sandblasting with powerful pressure washers is required. Sand points are usually present, as well as a sand pickup tube, and a special venturi head on these power washers. They work all together to enable the user to remove dirt layers from various surfaces.

Various surface preparation ways are widely available including cleaning the solvent, cleaning the power tool, sand blasting and much more. However, all of these usual methods are not frequently used as they consume a lot of time. Most of the time, they don’t produce good results and they pollute the environment.

Today, an increasingly popular method of removing paint and rust is wet sand blasting with a high pressure waterjet pump. By mixing an abrasive material with a water jet, wet sandblasting produces an abrasive spray. By blasting the surface well, the abrasive spray slowly removes coatings that are not desired, massive corrosion, or other undesirable substances to create the final metal finish, which is perfect for recoating.

Engineers, heavy-duty engineers, fabricators, and massive construction companies use wet sandblasting for various applications.

With the power pressure washers, sand grit such as baking soda or pellets can easily be used for increased versatility-the more grit used, the more abrasive the sandblasting.


The most prominent benefit is that when you purchase one of the machines, you possess the power of two machines into the one. Moreoer, one more benefit users can ge is from the high-quality cleaning pressure washers’ cleaning power and the rust, dirt, and other removal capabilities possessed by a wet sandblaster.

If you need to power wash or sandblast various surfaces in a commercial and industrial environment, a pressure washer fitted with a wet sandblaster kit may be the ideal machine. With this combination, the demanding users will be able to get great results in a wide variety of operations.

When you select a nozzle for the sandblaster, you adjust the flow and pressure of the high-pressure system. To ensure that the system operates properly, try opening the trigger well on the gun.


Fill the sand container(s) with the sand probe. Slowly adjust the valve peoperly on the mixing head while the trigger is open on the gun. Sand hose lines will become vacuumed, allowing a smooth sand flows. With the help of the sand point, which comes directly from a container, sand is then drawn into the system. Using the sand pickup tube in the head, the head has a suction that can draw sand. A mixture of sand and water is present in the head. A high-pressure stream of sand and water is then forced across surfaces by the small nozzle. When the nozzle trigger is opened and the sandblaster starts operating, the pressure washer sandblaster has to be at least 12 to 15 inches away from the work surface.

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